When Creativity is Sparse

I love all things having to do with creativity; the people, places, colors, atmospheres, smells… the list could go on. In saying that, inspiration is basically my life blood. If I don’t have an inspiring environment, I feel like I can’t create, and creating is basically my ENTIRE job.

As a creator, I like to keep my mind and it’s ideas as fresh as can be. This means that not every day will you find me at my desk in the office. Somedays I just need a day at home to work. My apartment has plants, art, huge windows, and other inspiration everywhere. On top of that, I live in Uptown. On other days, you might find me exploring the newest coffee shop to hit the Minneapolis scene or exploring a new co-working space. Our city has SO much to offer us as creatives, and I truly love harnessing everything it has to offer. Even if it means sitting on top of one of the rooftop of our building to work!

For my fellow creatives, here are some of my favorite spots in Minneapolis to find inspiration:

  1. Spyhouse Coffee - North Loop

    If you’re a fan of clean lines, modern lighting, and an altogether modern vibe, Spyhouse is your place. Their commitment to creative integrity speaks for itself. Thankful for my home away from home here!

  2. Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea

    From the moment you walk in, to the second you leave, Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea is bursting with local creativity from their drinks to their decorations. This is truly one of my favorite places to work remotely! I have a big plant obsession, and this place has plants. I. just. can’t. say. no.

  3. Caffetto Coffee Shop

    Compared to my last two favorites, this coffee shop will most likely throw you for a loop. When it comes down to it, I love all different kinds of vibes. There are places you walk into and you instantly feel like this is your place. Caffetto is one of my places. The inside is dingy, dark, and has local artwork everywhere. The bathroom is covered in graffiti, their menu is simple, and all different types of people come in. Let’s be honest, not every day do I wake up peachy. Some days I want to sit at the corner table of a shadowy cafe and soak in the dark beauty of it. This is that place.

Some days it’s impossible not to be in the office, but on the days you can escape, do it. If you’re anything like me, you will benefit from the fresh air, new environment, and new people around you. It’s not a bad thing to want and need this. If you can work just as well if not better in other environments, why not explore your city while you’re at it?

To Your Success,