Finding My Passion

All of our lives we’ve been told to pick a major that will bring in the big bucks, choose a career that will do the same, and to top that off, we also probably won’t love our first, second, and maybe even third jobs. Hearing this, all I could think during these times was, Wow, will I ever find something I’m passionate about?

As a teenager and up until recently, I’ve always listened to this advice. The advice came from adults and loved ones I look up to, respect, and seek guidance from. They had to be right, didn’t they?  

This Spring, I reached my two year mark with my first job out of college, and to be honest, I felt more lost than when I had started there. I adored my coworkers and enjoyed the work, but my heart wasn’t in it. A podcast I was listening to kept discussing quitting your full time job to make your side hustle a full time hustle. I didn’t have a side hustle that could instantly convert into a full time gig, but I knew I wanted more and could work towards that.

Despite the advice given and fears I had, I quit my job. Talk about SCARY. I cried, my boss cried, yeah, it was pretty intense, but SO RELIEVING. I accepted a job at a local sushi restaurant (shout out to Wakame!), and went back to my serving roots. I planned to work there for the summer, and begin to slowly drum up a business/job I actually felt passionate about.

Fast forward to 3 weeks at the sushi restaurant, and I was quickly reminded why I stopped serving in the first place. This was when my friend, Maggie, reached out to hire me part time at her marketing agency called Magdalena Events & Consulting (MEC). Having most of my days free, I agreed.

Now, here’s where it gets good. Not even a week into my part time gig with MEC, Maggie offered me a full time position! This meant my full time job would be working with one of my favorite people doing social media marketing. I LOVE social media and marketing! I couldn’t believe it.  


Present day, I’ve been with Maggie for about 3 months now, and every day I’m genuinely happy to wake up and go to work. I discovered all of the poor advice and fears I had were pointless. I had been so worried about income, disappointing family and myself (the list can go on), that I chose to stay at my job even though I didn’t have a passion for it. Looking back, I see the reasons why I couldn’t muster the courage sooner, and am so glad everything happened when it did.

(It’s all about timing, folks!) 

My point is, you might be hearing advice from everyone and their mother, and although it may have worked for them, doesn't mean it will work for you. Everyone is different, and it’s important to understand that. You are unique and each of our paths look entirely different.

My advice to you is to create a vision for yourself, and really think about it.

 What do you see?

Where are you?

Who are you with?

What are you doing?

 These are big questions, but finding the answers and taking action will bring you to places you could have never imagined. Small steps are still steps. You got this. 

- Tana